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The holy grail of Twingo RS drivers!

Traggelenk Twingo RS
New ball joint for Twingo RS and Wind

If your wishbone looks like the following pictures, now you won’t hav to despair anymore!

defective ball joint
defective ball joint (built in)
kaputtes Traggelenk
defective ball joint

Towards all theses the ball joint is not pressed. It is simply screwed with a fine thread. So it can be easily changed with simply tools, without swapping the whole wishbone!

With a click at the picture below, you can download a instruction for swapping the balljoint without special tool

3d cover instruction
PDF, 1,6 MB

NOTICE: back in stock, shipping on same day!

Here you can order the ball joints:

Ball Joint

unit price 49,95 EUR
(with 19,00 0%VAT and without Shipping)

balljoint header

rectangular tube

unit price 2,95 EUR
(with 0,00 0%VAT and without Shipping)

vierkantrohrto weld on the defective ball joint, as mentioned in our instruction